: YA332.024W734

題名: Rich is not a four-letter word : how to survive Obamacare, trump Wall Street, kick-start your retirement, and achieve financial success / Gerri Willis.
著者: Willis, Gerri, author
版本項: First edition.
出版項: New York : Crown Forum, [2016].
稽核項: xiv, 256 p. ; 22 cm.
附註項: Includes index.
內容註: It's not your fault you're not rich -- Why the path to wealth is not closed -- Getting an affordable education -- Surviving Obamacare -- Investing -- Savings -- Real estate -- Taxes -- How rich people think.
摘要: Veteran financial journalist and pundit Gerri Willis takes on the progressive mind-set championed by liberals that gives government bureaucrats the right to decide what's best for us, resulting in bigger government programs, more bureaucracy, and more wasted taxpayer money. She dissects Obamacare and Democratic tax initiatives to show how they have hamstrung the average American. Then she shows us how to overcome these left-wing financial hurdles and grow our nest eggs, despite the political pickpocketing from Washington. Among the topics she tackles : how the progressive agenda has robbed Americans of their financial freedom, and how to get it back ; how the open spigot of college loan dollars has encouraged college administrators to boost tuition each and every year ; how, with a stroke of President Obama's pen, company-sponsored healthcare coverage was put on deathwatch, as companies abandon employee healthcare coverage ; why the knee-jerk progressive response to the 2008 market crash and subsequent recession has acted as an albatross on the shoulders of American corporations, keeping corporate tax rates at sky-high levels among Western nations--and what we can do to create jobs and jump-start the economy. For all those who want to take control of their financial future--from mastering the intricacies of the tax system to planning for their future retirement, from managing their healthcare costs to navigating the costs of their children's college education--this is the book you need to achieve the financial success you've earned and you deserve.--Adapted from dust jacket.
ISBN: 9781101903797((hbk.) :)
杜威圖書分類法: 332.024
美國國會圖書分纇法: HG179
語文: 英文
附加題名: Rich is not a 4 letter word
How to survive Obamacare, trump Wall Street, kick-start your retirement, and achieve financial success
主題: Finance, Personal
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YA 332.024 W734
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