Spydus 檢索結果 - 主 題 : MOTHERS FICTION ( 詞 句 ) http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?QRY=SU%3A%20'MOTHERS%20FICTION'&QRYTEXT=%E4%B8%BB%E9%A1%8C%3A%20MOTHERS%20FICTION%20(%E8%A9%9E%E5%8F%A5)&SETLVL=SET&CF=BIB&SORTS=DTE.DATE1.DESC&NRECS=20 Spydus 檢索結果 zh-tw © Civica Pty Ltd. 版權所有. The stars are fire : a novel / Anita Shreve. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=675703&CF=BIB 著者: Shreve, Anita<br />[First edition].<br />已出版: New York : Alfred A. Knopf, c2017.<br />ISBN: 9780385350907<br />ISBN: 6450385350907<br />241 pages ; 25 cm.<br /><br />31120011913471 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 S561 - 在架<br /> The garden of small beginnings / Abbi Waxman. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=675796&CF=BIB 著者: Waxman, Abbi<br />First edition.<br />已出版: New York : Berkley, 2017.<br />ISBN: 9780399583582<br />347 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.<br /><br />31120011913455 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.6 W356 - 在架<br /> Edgar and Lucy / Victor Lodato. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=675816&CF=BIB 著者: Lodato, Victor<br />First U.S. edition.<br />已出版: New York : St. Martin's Press, 2017.<br />ISBN: 9781250096982<br />533 pages ; 25 cm.<br /><br />31120011913661 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.6 L821 - 在架<br /> Improvement : a novel / Joan Silber. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=723479&CF=BIB 著者: Silber, Joan<br />已出版: Berkeley, California : Counterpoint, c2017.<br />ISBN: 9781619029606<br />227 pages ; 22 cm.<br /><br />31120012999206 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 S582 - 在架<br /> The liar / Nora Roberts. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=654104&CF=BIB 著者: Roberts, Nora<br />已出版: New York, New York : Jove Books, c2015.<br />ISBN: 9781101989753<br />467 p. ; 18 cm.<br /><br />31120011601480 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 R643 - 在架<br /> The girl in the red coat : a novel / Kate Hamer. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=662607&CF=BIB 著者: Hamer, Kate<br />已出版: Brooklyn : Melville House, 2016.<br />ISBN: 9781612195001<br />324 pages ; 24 cm.<br /><br />31120011829040 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 823.92 H214 - 在架<br /> The price of salt / Patricia Highsmith. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=657123&CF=BIB 著者: Highsmith, Patricia, 1921-1995<br />Unabridged reprint.<br />已出版: Mineola, NY : Dover Publications, Inc., 2015.<br />ISBN: 9780486800295<br />249 p. ; 22 cm.<br />A chance encounter between two lonely women leads to a passionate romance in this lesbian cult classic. Therese, a struggling young sales clerk, and Carol, a homemaker in the midst of a bitter divorce, abandon their oppressive daily routines for the freedom of the open road, where their love can blossom. But their newly discovered bliss is shattered when Carol is forced to choose between her child and her lover. Author Patricia Highsmith is best known for her psychological thrillers Strangers on a Trainand The Talented Mr. Ripley. Originally published in 1952 under a pseudonym, The Price of Salt was heralded as the novel of a love society forbids. Highsmith's sensitive treatment of fully realized characters who defy stereotypes about homosexuality marks a departure from previous lesbian pulp fiction. Erotic, eloquent, and suspenseful, this story offers an honest look at the necessity of being true to one's nature.<br /><br />31120011630455 - YA - NLPIC - B11 - 總館閉架書庫 - 閉架書庫區(須調閱) - 青少年資料 - YA 813.54 H638 - 在架<br /> Aquarium / David Vann. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=643259&CF=BIB 著者: Vann, David<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, an imprint of Grove/Atlantic, Inc., 2015.<br />ISBN: 9780802123527<br />266 p. : color illustrations.<br /><br />31120011354718 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.6 V264 - 在架<br /> Gone crazy in Alabama / by Rita Williams-Garcia. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=644470&CF=BIB 著者: Williams-Garcia, Rita<br />First Edition.<br />已出版: New York, NY : Amistad, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, 2015.<br />ISBN: 9780062215871<br />ISBN: 0062215876<br />ISBN: 9780062215888<br />ISBN: 0062215884<br />293 p. ; 22 cm.<br />"Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern are off to Alabama to visit their grandmother, Big Ma, and her mother, Ma Charles. Across the way lives Ma Charles's half sister, Miss Trotter. The two half sisters haven't spoken in years. As Delphine hears about her family history, she uncovers the surprising truth that's been keeping the sisters apart. But when tragedy strikes, Delphine discovers that the bonds of family run deeper than she ever knew possible"-- From publisher's website.<br /><br />31120011451753 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.6 W723 - 在架<br /> Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League : a novel / by Jonathan Odell. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=638908&CF=BIB 著者: Odell, Jonathan, 1951-<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: Bronxville, NY : Maiden Lane Press, 2014.<br />ISBN: 9781940210025<br />461 p. : portraits ; 23 cm.<br /><br />31120011353868 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.6 O23 - 在架<br /> The mothers : a novel / Jennifer Gilmore. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=617249&CF=BIB 著者: Gilmore Jennifer<br />已出版: New York : Scribner, 2013.<br />ISBN: 9781451697254<br />277 p. ; 24 cm.<br /><br />31120011021531 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.6 G488 - 在架<br /> The underside of joy / Seré Prince Halverson. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=653906&CF=BIB 著者: Halverson, Seré Prince<br />已出版: New York, New York : Dutton, c2012.<br />ISBN: 9780452297883<br />445 p. ; 18 cm.<br /><br />31120011567137 - BE - NLPIC - B11 - 總館閉架書庫 - 閉架書庫區(須調閱) - 外文書 - BE 813.6 H197 - 在架<br /> Betrayal : a novel / Danielle Steel. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=29379&CF=BIB 著者: Steel ,Danielle<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York : Delacorte Press, c2012.<br />ISBN: 9780385343190<br />319 p. ; 25 cm.<br /><br />31120010680865 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 S813 - 在架<br /> The Christmas wedding / James Patterson and Richard DiLallo. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=38357&CF=BIB 著者: Patterson, James, 1947-<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York : Little, Brown and Co., c2011.<br />ISBN: 9780316189125<br />ISBN: 031609739X<br />ISBN: 9780316097390<br />266, 10 p. ; 22 cm.<br /><span style="font-weight:bold;">資源線上可得</span><br /><br />31120010171477 - BE - NLPIC - B11 - 總館閉架書庫 - 閉架書庫區(須調閱) - 外文書 - BE 813.54 P317 - 在架<br /> Night road / Kristin Hannah. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=103239&CF=BIB 著者: Hannah Kristin<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York : St. Martin's Press, c2011.<br />ISBN: 0312364423<br />ISBN: 9780312364427<br />385 p. ; 25 cm.<br />After a string of foster homes and the death of her heroin-addict mother, Lexi Baill is taken in by a newly discovered great-aunt who lives a spartan life near Seattle. Lexi soon meets Mia and her loving twin brother, Zach. The friendship flourishes, and Mia's mother draws Lexi into the family circle. A slowly growing attraction between Zach and Lexi begins, but then Lexi, Mia, and Zach collectively make a bad decision that results in a tragedy with extreme repercussions.<br /><br />31120009986943 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 H243 - 在架<br /> Not art : a novel / Prter Esterhazy ; translated by Judith Sollosy. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=121031&CF=BIB 著者: Esterhazy Peter 1950-<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York : Ecco Press, c2010.<br />ISBN: 0061792969<br />ISBN: 9780061792960<br />viii, 225 p. ; 21 cm.<br />In a story set in Hungary under Communist rule, the narrator reflects on his life and the most influential person in it--his mom--and her life asshe helps her family survive the brutal government regime through her soccer connections<br /><br />31120009890996 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 894.511334 E79 - 在架<br /> Heart of the matter / Emily Giffin. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=189160&CF=BIB 著者: Giffin Emily 1972-<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York : St. Martin's Press, 2010.<br />ISBN: 0312554168<br />ISBN: 9780312554163<br />368 p. ; 25 cm.<br />Following a tragic accident, two women--Tessa Russo, a renowned pediatric surgeon, and Valerie Anderson, an attorney and single mother--living in the same Boston suburb but with relatively little in common aside from a fierce love for their children converge in ways no one could have imagined.<br /><br />31120009878645 - BE - NLPIC - B11 - 總館閉架書庫 - 閉架書庫區(須調閱) - 外文書 - BE 813.6 G457 - 在架<br /> Hero at large / Janet Evanovich. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=190276&CF=BIB 著者: Evanovich Janet<br />1st HarperLuxe ed.<br />已出版: New York : HarperLuxe, c2010.<br />ISBN: 0061992682<br />ISBN: 9780061992681<br />277 p. ; 23 cm.<br />Sexy Ken Callahan meets single mother and former world-class ice skater Chris Nelson when he helps her after her car breaks down, and although countless disasters follow, he keeps trying to win her heart<br /><br />31120009892737 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 E92 - 在架<br /> Seven year switch / Claire Cook. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=265753&CF=BIB 著者: Cook Claire 1955-<br />已出版: New York : Voice/Hyperion, c2010.<br />ISBN: 1401341160<br />ISBN: 9781401341169<br />viii, 237 p. ; 22 cm.<br />After being left alone to raise her young daughter for seven years, Jill's ex-husband Seth re-enters her life, asking for forgiveness.<br /><br />31120009891234 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 C771 - 在架<br /> Wife of the gods : a novel / Kwei Quartey. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=296574&CF=BIB 著者: Quartey Kwei J.<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York : Random House, c2009.<br />ISBN: 1400067596<br />ISBN: 9781400067596<br />x, 317 p. : map ; 25 cm.<br />An Inspector Darko Dawson mystery<br />An Inspector Darko Dawson mystery<br />An original debut novel set in Ghana, is the story of Detective Inspector Darko Dawson, who is sent from the big city to the village of Ketanu to solve the murder of an accomplished young AIDS worker. Darko's own mother disappeared from this same village many years ago, and as the mystery unfolds, the reader meets a rich cast of characters, and learns about Trokosi, a system where young teenage girls are sent to live with fetish priests to bring good fortune to their families. Darko explores the motivations and secrets of the residents of Ketanu, and in addition to solving a recent murder, discovers the shocking truth about his own mother's disappearance<br /><span style="font-weight:bold;">資源線上可得</span><br /><span style="font-weight:bold;">資源線上可得</span><br /><br />31120009878413 - BE - NLPIC - B11 - 總館閉架書庫 - 閉架書庫區(須調閱) - 外文書 - BE 813.6 Q1 - 在架<br /> Let the great world spin : a novel / Colum McCann. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=212475&CF=BIB 著者: McCann Colum 1965-<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York, c2009 : Random House.<br />ISBN: 1400063736<br />ISBN: 9781400063734<br />349 p. ; 25 cm.<br />A rich vision of the pain, loveliness, mystery, and promise of New York City in the 1970s. A radical young Irish monk struggles with his own demons as he lives among the prostitutes in the middle of the burning Bronx. A group of mothers gather in a Park Avenue apartment to mourn their sons who died in Vietnam, only to discover just how much divides them even in grief. A young artist finds herself at the scene of a hit-and-run that sends her own life careening sideways. A 38-year-old grandmother, turns tricks alongside her teenage daughter, determined not only to take care of her family but to prove her own worth. Weaving together these and other seemingly disparate lives, McCann's allegory comes alive in the voices of the city's people, unexpectedly drawn together by hope, beauty, and the "artistic crime of the century"--a mysterious tightrope walker dancing between the Twin Towers.--From publisher description.<br /><br />31120009236745 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 823.914 M122 - 在架<br /> More / Austin Clarke. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=228055&CF=BIB 著者: Clarke Austin 1934-<br />1st U.S. ed.<br />已出版: New York, c2009 : Amistad.<br />ISBN: 0061772402<br />ISBN: 9780061772405<br />300 p. ; 24 cm.<br />"At the news of her son BJ's involvement in gang crime, Idora Morrison, a maid at the local university, collapses in her basement apartment. For four days and nights she retreats into a vortex of memory, pain, and disappointment that becomes a riveting exposé of her life as a Caribbean immigrant living abroad. While she struggled to make ends meet, her deadbeat husband, Bertram, abandoned her for a better life in New York. Left alone to raise her son, Idora has done her best to survive against immense odds. But now that BJ has disappeared into a life of crime, she recoils from his loss and is unable to get out of bed, burdened by feelings of invisibility. As she summons the strength to investigate her son's troubles--and her own weaknesses--the book quietly builds into its crescendo. Eventually Idora finds her way back into the light with a courage that is both remarkable and unforgettable..."--dust cover flap.<br /><br />31120009251942 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 C597 - 在架<br /> John the revelator / Peter Murphy. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=204102&CF=BIB 著者: Murphy Peter 1968-<br />已出版: Boston, c2009 : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.<br />ISBN: 0151014027<br />ISBN: 9780151014026<br />254 p. ; 22 cm.<br />This is the story of John Devine -- stuck in a small town in the eerie landscape of Southeast Ireland, worried over by his single, chain-smoking, bible-quoting mother, Lily, and spied on by the "neighborly" Mrs. Nagle. When Jamey Corboy, a self-styled Rimbaudian boy wonder, arrives in town, John's life suddenly seems full of possibility.<br /><br />31120009251835 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 823.92 M978 - 在架<br /> Dune road / Jane Green. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=164178&CF=BIB 著者: Green Jane 1968-<br />已出版: New York, 2009 : Viking.<br />ISBN: 0670020869<br />ISBN: 9780670020867<br />341 p. ; 22 cm.<br />Set in the beach community of a tony Connecticut town, our heroine is a single mom who works for a famous--and famously reclusive--novelist. When she stumbles on a secret that the great man has kept hidden for years, she knows that there are plenty of women in town who would love to get their hands on it--including some who fancy the writer for themselves.<br /><br />31120009236422 - BE - NLPI - 101 - 總館 - 1樓流通櫃台 - 外文書 - BE 823.914 G796 - 在架<br /> Women's common destiny : maternal representations in the serialized Cebuano fiction of Hilda montaire and austregelina espina-moore / Hope Sabanpan-Yu. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=139361&CF=BIB 著者: Yu Hope Sabanpan<br />已出版: Quezon city : The University of the Philippines press, 2009.<br />ISBN: 9789715426114<br />198 p. ; 23 cm.<br /><br />31120010026481 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 899.21 Y941 - 在架<br /> The killer's wife / Bill Floyd. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=207208&CF=BIB 著者: Floyd Bill 1968-<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York, c2008 : St. Martin's Minotaur.<br />ISBN: 9780312373399<br />ISBN: 0312373392<br />294 p. ; 25 cm.<br />Six years after her former husband was sentenced to death for a series of murders, Leigh Wren has built a new life for herself and her son, until the father of one of her ex-husband's victims reveals her past, forcing her to confront her memories of life with a serial killer.<br /><span style="font-weight:bold;">資源線上可得</span><br /><span style="font-weight:bold;">資源線上可得</span><br /><br />31120009234070 - BE - NLPIC - B11 - 總館閉架書庫 - 閉架書庫區(須調閱) - 外文書 - BE 813.6 F645 - 在架<br /> A boy of good breeding : a novel / Miriam Toews. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=414495&CF=BIB 著者: Toews Miriam 1964-<br />已出版: New York, NY, 2006 : Counterpoint.<br />ISBN: 0676977197<br />ISBN: 9781582433400<br />ISBN: 1582433402<br />237 p. ; 21 cm.<br /><br />31120008210097 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 T643 - 在架<br /> Listen! / Stephanie S. Tolan. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=510254&CF=BIB 著者: Tolan Stephanie S.<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York, 2006. : HarperCollins.<br />ISBN: 9780060579357<br />ISBN: 9780060579364<br />ISBN: 0060579358<br />ISBN: 0060579366<br />197 p. ; 22 cm.<br />During her solitary convalescence from a crippling accident, twelve-year-old Charley finds a wild dog, and the arduous process of training him leads her to explore her feelings about her mother's death two years earlier.<br /><br />31120008168477 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 T647 - 在架<br /> Lost in the forest / Sue Miller. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=512443&CF=BIB 著者: Miller Sue 1943-<br />1st ed.<br />已出版: New York, 2005. : Knopf.<br />ISBN: 1400042267<br />247 p. ; 25 cm.<br /><br />31120007995888 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 M651 - 在架<br /> Bucking the Sarge / Christopher Paul Curtis. http://ipac.nlpi.edu.tw/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/OPAC/BIBENQ?BRN=440184&CF=BIB 著者: Curtis Christopher Paul 1953-<br />已出版: New York, c2004 : Wendy Lamb Books.<br />ISBN: 0385901593<br />ISBN: 0385323077<br />259 p. ; 22 cm.<br />Deeply involved in his cold and manipulative mother's shady business dealings in Flint, Michigan, fourteen-year-old Luther keeps a sense of humor while running the Happy Neighbor Group Home For Men, all the while dreaming of going to college and becoming a philosopher<br /><br />31120007809816 - BE - NLPI - 505 - 總館 - 5樓外文圖書區 - 外文書 - BE 813.54 C978 - 在架<br />