Wright, C. D., 1949-2016

題名: Shallcross / C.D. Wright.
著者: Wright, C. D., 1949-2016
出版項: Port Townsend, Washington : Copper Canyon Press, c2016.
稽核項: xvi, 153 p. ; 24 cm.
內容註: Some Old Words Were Spoken -- 40 Watts -- Poem with Evening Coming On -- Light Bulb Poem -- Cafe at the Junction Poem -- Country Station Poem -- Poem with Undergrowth and Two Figures -- Poem Taking Place before Lights Were Electrified -- Amarillo Poem -- Poem in Which Blood Flows -- Poem with a Cloudburst -- Day-Old Widow Poem -- Poem in Which the Lover -- Poem of a Houseboat Stranded in a Field -- Kind of Blue Poem -- this Much I know Poem -- Outlier's Poem -- Her Toes Poem -- Poem Waiting for Sleep -- Pure Sensation Poem -- Soldiers' Home Poem -- Poem with Some Water Damage -- Dog Put Down in Fall Poem -- Poem with a Dead Tree -- Poem from Pearl's House -- Poem with a Dozen Cherries on a Lodge -- Water Baby Poem -- Poem Missing Someone -- Poem with No Up or Down -- Poem with a Dart of Color -- Poem in Which Every Other Line Is a Falsehood -- Poem with a Girl Almost Fifteen -- Poem from the End of Old Wire Road -- Poem in a Trance -- Poem with a Missing Pilot -- Poem in Which Her Mortgage Comes Due -- Back Forty Poem -- Rooming House Poem -- Downtown in January Poem -- Poem Starved for Music -- Poem without Angel Food -- Poem of a Forest of Clouds Sweeping By -- Breathtaken -- The Other Hand -- Obscurity and Empathy -- Obscurity and Regret -- Obscurity and Elegance -- The Shearline of Obscurity -- Obscurity and Shelter -- Obscurity and Isolation -- Obscurity and Providence -- Obscurity and Selfhood -- Obscurity and the Amateur -- Obscurity and Velocity from The Obscure Lives of Poets -- Obscurity and Voyaging -- Tree of Obscurity -- Obscurity and an Offering -- Obscurity and Lockdown -- Obscurity and Landscape -- Obscurity and Aftershocks -- Obscurity and Winter Sun -- Obscurity and Snow -- Obscurity and Legacy -- Obscurity and Operation Upshot- Knothole -- From The Belly Of A Lamb -- Imaginary August -- Imaginary Hollywood -- Imaginary Morning Glory -- Imaginary Waterfall -- Imaginary Suitcase -- Imaginary Rope -- Imaginary June -- Imaginary Mexico -- Closer -- Shallcross -- About the Author -- With: After Thoughts.
ISBN: 9781556594960((hbk.) :)
杜威圖書分類法: 811.54
美國國會圖書分纇法: PS3573.R497
語文: 英文
主題: American poetry
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